Mirror Snipe

Both our Mirror Sniper dapps have been released for Gold, Silver, and Bronze Tier holders! Join our Telegram community for any questions or to discuss Mirror Sniping strategy and technicalities.

  Dapp #1: Mirror Snipe

Mirror snipes from pro snipers!
Enter wallet addresses of known snipers you wish to mirror snipe. Everytime those wallets snipe, our Mirror Sniper will mirror their transaction. Our distributed nodes ensure your transaction right next to your target's transaction. Use our tools to research and find professional and lucrative snipers, add them to your snipelist, and copy their every snipe!

Message @DegenerateToolsSniper_bot to get started.

  Dapp #2: Frontrun Mirror Snipe

Mirror and frontrun insider buy transactions!
Enter wallet addresses of known insiders or influencers to mirror and frontrun their Multi-call (Uniswap V3) or Unoswap (1inch) buy transactions. These influencers and insiders are not snipers but since they have inside info, frontrunning their buy transactions can be lucrative. Research and find insider wallets, add them to your snipelist, and frontrun all their buy transactions!

Message @DTOOLS_frontrun_bot to get started.